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What’s up, BOSSES!

I’m Talyn (pronounced Tah-leen) – your very own Fairy BOSSmother, and here’s why you need a business brand pro like me by your side! 

As your Personal Brand Consultant, I’ll be with you from start to finish. Come and get to know me! 

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa

About Talyn Rahman-Figueroa

Imagine living in places where competition is as intense as fire. You could be the best in your field with all the degrees and accolades, but someone with a sharper presence could snatch the spotlight right from under your nose. That was my reality from Kyoto to London. For the longest time, I felt like I was swimming in a sea with sharks, each chasing for the same opportunities. And it was mentally and emotionally exhausting – to never feel like you were enough and always being compared to someone else, even as a child. But as I evolved into a business owner, I discovered the power of personal branding which helped me narrow down my focus to working with diplomats and politicians (yep – that was my niche audience).

Suddenly, competition felt like a distant echo because no-one else was working with this audience and no-one else in my field was anything like me. I became an expert in my niche in diplomacy, and the doors swung open for me to take over. No more being compared to someone else because… quite frankly, I became the only option. 

As a trained diplomat, I’ve navigated the world with people with big titles, big status, and big money. I remember meeting the Ambassador of Colombia, feeling so intimidated by his presence, and I only got one chance to understand him, analyze him, and help them connect to his target audience. At the end of the 60-minutes, we were both smiling because I managed to get him to open up to me. I was on his side and he knew it! Working with this audience was a delicate dance, and I became a pro at it.

Now, I’m taking my skills directly to solo entrepreneurs – the lifeblood of our society who need expert help in repositioning their ideas and personal stories into their business brands.

As your Personal Brand Consultant, I will help you become the face of your business and turn you into your very own brand ambassador so that your business becomes a premium brand. I’m Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, your “Fairy BOSSmother” and business wingwoman and I’m here to make you the ONLY choice in your industry.

Let’s make you so good, you can’t be ignored! 

About Boss Diplomat

Led by the charismatic Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Boss Diplomat is a brand consultancy that specializes in turning solopreneurs into premium brands in their industry. Our mission is to craft personal brands that are so powerful, they can’t be ignored! We do this by uncovering the real story behind the business owner, and weave threads of their backstory into the foundations of their overall business brand. 

As a diplomat-turned-brand expert, Talyn is a great example of how powerful a personal brand can be. Boss Diplomat is the natural evolution of all the work Talyn did in diplomacy through her first company, Grassroot Diplomat. As a diplomat consultant, Talyn trained citizens to become diplomats, and worked with public figures in upgrading their personal brands. Turning people into Ambassadors is what she does. Now we turn BOSSES into Brand Ambassadors because we believe every solopreneur can become the brand icon in their industry.

Talyn now works with solopreneurs who are service providers, product developers, and content creators. As an entrepreneur who has done all three in the past, Talyn has a rich cultural history in working with people from different countries, backgrounds, and social needs, and has lived in 4 continents. And now you can understand why your brand consultant is the one and only BOSS DIPLOMAT! 

If you want to build a powerful brand and feel ready to evolve with your business, Boss Diplomat is the ONLY choice


Let’s make you the BRAND ICON of your industry!

Service Providers

Service entrepreneur - woman holding up a camera

You’re a passionate service-based solopreneur, dedicated to delivering exceptional value to your clients. Mastering your craft has made you an expert, but there’s a crucial element missing—the power of your personal brand. As your Personal Brand Consultant, I’ll guide you in stepping confidently in front of your business. By crafting a narrative that deeply resonates with your target audience, I’ll make you the unmistakable choice in your industry. Aligning your story with your client creates a magnetic connection, leaving them saying, “Wow, you get me!” Let’s transform you into a compelling brand that not only draws clients but makes your business impossible to overlook.

Product Innovators

Product entrepreneur - two women in white robes and skincare products

You’re a visionary product-based solopreneur, bringing unique creations to life with dedication and skill. Yet, in a crowded market, breaking through is challenging. The key to unlocking your business’s full potential is YOU. As your Personal Brand Expert, I’ll help you step into the spotlight, infusing your brand with the essence of who you are. When people connect with the person behind the products, it transforms the narrative. Your story becomes the unique selling point that sets you apart in a sea of competitors. Let’s give your audience a reason to choose not just your products but the story and personality behind them. Your success story is waiting to unfold!

Content Creators

Influencer - man in suit reading book

You’re an influential content creator whose work speaks volumes, captivating audiences with your insights, stories, and expertise. But sustaining a lasting impact requires more than just content creation. As your very own Fairy BOSSmother, I’ll ensure that your brand doesn’t have an expiry date. By strategically aligning your brand with your core values and unique voice, we will build a timeless brand that continues to attract opportunities, collaborations, and audience engagement long into the future. Let’s make your brand a warrior, not a survivor, so that your impact endures long after the last piece of content is shared. Your story deserves to shine bright, always.


Fun facts about Talyn

Talyn is originally from London

I’ve also lived in Japan and Morocco, but home is now in Massachusetts, and I plan to stick around for a bit!

Talyn used to work with diplomats

I used to help public figures be better ambassadors for their people and opening those doors was hard – but I DID IT!

Talyn has experience working across cultures

I have a global education from UK, Japan, the US and Canada, and trained in Morocco as part of my diplomatic training. 

Talyn is a martial arts and video game nerd

If I could train all day and play video games all night, I would – can someone please pay me to do this!!!

Experience working across cultures

No matter what language or culture you embrace, I can help you translate your ideas into something real and practical.

Author of three books!

Find all of my books on Amazon and any online bookstore. Just search for my name on your browser!


What our clients are saying...


Check out my publications

I also had my own personal brand as a Diplomat Consultant. Here are some of my previous work back when I used to work with public figures around the world.

A case study publication that examines gender hierarchy as a key problem to the advancement of women in diplomacy. First published in 2017.

The Brexit Handbook provides evidence of why it is essential for diplomats and governments to lead on matters of their people and country in a more public-facing role. First published in 2020.

A 12-month self-development career planner designed for citizen diplomats to make an informed decision about options in the field of international relations. First published in 2018.