The Connect TV Miami Feature: Miami Heatwave

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being featured on The Connect TV all the way in MIAMI, yo!! Huge thanks to the fabulous hosts, Stichiz and Sandi Glandt, for making me feel like part of the Connect fam once again!

Let’s unpack some of the golden nuggets from this energizing conversation!

Watch the VIDEO above.


  • Personal Branding is About Being in Front: Many entrepreneurs hide behind their business. Stepping in front and showcasing your personality is key to making your business thrive.
  • Love Leads the Way: My journey from London to America, driven by love, reflects the passion that should also drive our professional lives. Bringing personal stories into your business can make it more relatable and authentic.
  • Diplomacy to Branding – A Natural Transition: My background in diplomacy emphasized the importance of connection and respect. In branding, it’s about leading with yourself and earning respect to gain a listening ear.
  • Reconnecting to Your ‘Why’: Whether you’re a diplomat or an entrepreneur, remembering why you started is crucial. It’s about getting grounded and reconnecting with your mission.
  • The Challenge of Self-Perception for Entrepreneurs: Founders often struggle with branding because they’re too close to themselves to see what’s fascinating to others. Stepping back to view your story from an outsider’s perspective is essential.

A heartfelt thank you to Stichiz, Sandi, and the entire team at The Connect Network TV for this incredible opportunity. Your platform not only connects people but also sparks meaningful conversations that can change the way we see and present ourselves in business. 

Can’t wait for more collaborations in the future!

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