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Welcome to my brand new Youtube channel where you see my work in action. And YES – I’m starting with ZERO subscribers (prior to my 1.2k followers on my old channel).

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect me to talk:

– Real Talk Transformation: No fluff, no filter – every episode is a deep dive into personal branding, tackling common pitfalls that entrepreneurs face and uncovering ways to stand out in a crowded market

– Diplomacy Meets Branding: My background as a diplomat brings a unique angle to the table in my role as your Personal Brand Consultant. Now, I’m bringing those insider secrets straight to you

– Becoming Your Very Own Brand Ambassador: I’m on a mission to turn you into an epic Brand Ambassador, so that you can rock your personal brand like a boss

– Candid Conversations for Entrepreneurs: Don’t always follow the instructions of society because it might not be right for you. I’ll give you a backstage pass to the unfiltered truth about what truly works

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