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If you’re looking for a high-energy, highly interactive speaker with powerful content that delivers then you have come to the right place! My mission is to make you look so good, you can’t be ignored – which means turning solo entrepreneurs into premium brands and attracting clients who are excited to work with you even before they’ve met you. That is the power of your personal brand. 

Thanks for the opportunity to work together. 

Your Personal Brand Consultant, 
Talyn Rahman-Figueroa



Tah-leen   Raa-man   Figure-roa

Meet the Fairy BOSSmother, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, former diplomat-turned-Personal Brand Consultant and the driving force behind Boss Diplomat. Originally from London, UK, Talyn now sprinkles her magic across the United States to help solopreneurs become premium brands that command attention in their industries. 

Talyn transitioned from the world of politics to personal branding, recognizing a need among solo entrepreneurs for standout personal brands. Boss Diplomat emerged as the solution, transforming solopreneurs into their very own Brand Ambassadors.

Talyn is legendary, known for her high energy and an aggressively helpful attitude, captivating audiences with her wit, wisdom, and British charm. Notable accolades mark her journey, including being voted Business of the Year twice and featured in publications like Medium Magazine and Valiant CEO. She’s also the proud recipient of local radio’s Badass Women of the Week title.

Beyond consulting, Talyn is the author of three books from her diplomacy days and currently hosts a podcast and YouTube channel for Boss Diplomat. Specializing in personal branding, brand development, and messaging, Talyn is all about turning small businesses into brand icons so that they become the only choice for their dream clients. If you’re ready to unleash your inner brand icon and become the force in your industry, Talyn is the BOSS!  Get ready to level up, because with Boss Diplomat in your corner, the sky’s the limit!

1. BECOMING YOUR OWN BRAND AMBASSADOR: Learn how to become the face of your business and be indispensable through personal branding.

2. CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE – LESSONS FROM DIPLOMACY: Exploring parallels between audience connection in diplomacy and entrepreneurship through personal branding.

3. OWN YOUR STORY, OWN YOUR POWER: How to leverage your unique personal story as your business superpower to navigate and overtake competitors.

4. CRAFTING YOUR ICONIC PERSONAL BRAND AS A BUSINESS OWNER: Learn how to create a personal brand, making you an industry icon and transforming your business beyond transactions.

5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S WARDROBE GUIDE: Learn how to strategically build a memorable and on-brand entrepreneurial identity no matter what you choose to wear.

6. BUILDING YOUR BRAND INFLUENCE ONLINE: Explore how to present yourself strategically on social media so that every post contributes to the narrative of your personal brand in your business.

Led by the charismatic Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Boss Diplomat is a personal brand consultancy that specializes in turning solopreneurs into premium brands in their industry. Our mission is to craft personal brands that are so powerful, they can’t be ignored! We do this by uncovering the real story behind the business owner, and weave threads of their backstory into the foundations of their overall business brand. 

As a diplomat-turned-brand expert, Talyn is a great example of how powerful a personal brand can be. Boss Diplomat is the natural evolution of all the work Talyn did in diplomacy through her first company, Grassroot Diplomat. As a diplomat consultant, Talyn trained citizens to become diplomats, and worked with public figures in upgrading their personal brands. Turning people into Ambassadors is what she does. Now we turn BOSSES into Brand Ambassadors because we believe every solopreneur can become the brand icon in their industry.

Talyn now works with solopreneurs who are service providers, product developers, and content creators. As an entrepreneur who has done all three in the past, Talyn has a rich cultural history in working with people from different countries, backgrounds, and social needs, and has lived in 4 continents. And now you can understand why your brand consultant is the one and only BOSS DIPLOMAT! 

If you want to build a powerful brand and feel ready to evolve with your business, Boss Diplomat is the ONLY choice.

Meet your Fairy BOSSmother, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, former diplomat consultant-turned-Personal Brand Consultant and the driving force behind Boss Diplomat! Talyn is not only an accomplished author with three books under her belt from her diplomacy days, but she also hosts a captivating podcast and YouTube channel for Boss Diplomat.

As a seasoned Personal Brand Consultant specializing in working with solo entrepreneurs, Talyn focuses on personal branding, brand development, and messaging so that solopreneurs can make more, work less, and be the face of their business. Talyn transforms solopreneurs into premium brands, ensuring they become the only choice for their clients in their industries. If you’re ready to unleash your inner brand icon, Talyn is the BOSS! Get ready to level up, because with Boss Diplomat in your corner, the sky’s the limit!

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