Premium Social Media Management

Look legit with an authentic and on-brand social presence

Find and “personally” engage with new leads you get directly on Instagram!

Keeping on top of social media as a solopreneur can be overwhelming, especially when your focus is on serving clients, not managing content. Random posts or a lack of strategy might leave you wondering about the impact of your efforts. That’s where Instagram steps in as a game-changer for solopreneurs. Busy schedules shouldn’t mean sacrificing a strong online presence.

That’s why Boss Diplomat has partnered up with expert copywriter Chabot Creative to offer eye-catching branded visuals, as well as expertly written captions that an AI can’t beat! 

WE DO NOT ENGAGE IN ONLINE PAID ADVERTISING! That means you never pay anything extra outside of our engagement.

Instead, we leverage the power of influencer marketing by connecting your brand with influencers boasting a minimum of 10,000 followers without wasting time engaging with potential followers who may never become real leads. Why? Because we believe in organic growth, real-life testimonials, and putting you in front of an already-engaged audience who could become your perfect clients.


Take a behind-the-scenes peek into what your branded content could look like. 

Why show up on Instagram?

As a solopreneur, you’re too busy to post consistently or devise any kind of social media strategy. Besides, you’d rather help your clients than worry about your own content! If you post when the mood strikes with whatever topics or stories come to mind, or maybe you are regularly active but don’t have a plan, you could be wasting time creating content that doesn’t produce results.

With the right social media strategy, you can leverage this powerful avenue to build awareness and trust in your personal brand, specifically on Instagram! With an impressive user base and a visually-focused approach, Instagram offers unique opportunities to build your personal brand, collect testimonials, and demonstrate social proof.

Here’s why we focus more on Instagram than any other platform:

1. Unparalleled Engagement: Instagram boasts an incredibly engaged user base, with users spending an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform. This means your content has a higher chance of capturing attention and creating meaningful connections with your target audience.

2. Visual Storytelling: Instagram’s emphasis on visual content allows you to tell your brand’s story in a captivating and compelling way. Through stunning images, videos, and well-crafted captions, we can help you leave a lasting impression on your followers and potential customers.

3. Building Trust and Credibility: By creating an aesthetically pleasing feed and consistently posting valuable content, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Instagram provides an ideal platform to showcase your expertise, gain credibility, and collect testimonials from satisfied customers.

4. Influential Connections: Our advanced package includes influencer marketing, which allows us to connect your brand with relevant influencers who have an established presence and following on Instagram. By collaborating with influencers, you can tap into their audience and reach potential customers who align with your target market.

5. Measurable Results: Through comprehensive analytics and tracking tools, we provide you with detailed insights into your Instagram performance. By monitoring key metrics such as engagement rate, reach, and follower growth, we can fine-tune our strategies to ensure optimal results for your personal brand.

Tres Lounge Instagram grid
Alternative Health Instagram grid
The Healing Consultant Instagram grid

Introducing the Social Media Content Strategy

INVESTMENT: included in Brand Builder/ Premium Social Media Management
TURNAROUND: 2-3 weeks

*Your Social Media Content Strategy gets applied to any Social Media Management package (see below).

Our premium social media engagement services starts with building out yoru Social Media Content Strategy. Even though our main focus is on Instagram, this strategic blueprint can be applied to all social media platforms, plus content you can build on blogs and videos. 

Your Social Media Content Strategy is a uniquely detailed, comprehensive guide containing the following strategy. Scroll down to view full details about the Premium Social Media Management package.

A Closer Look into Your Social Media Content Strategy

The purpose of the Social Media Content Strategy is to give your content structure from what your content says to how your content appears online. Our job is to ensure that your personal brand grows the more we build on your online portfolio, so that you can generate quality leads that would have been lost to savvier Instagram businesses.

Our social media management starts and ends with THIS Social Media Content Strategy which is reviewed every nine months. With the right strategy, your clients are literally at your fingertips!

Boss Diplomat Social Media Content Strategy

Content strategy overvew

Social media isn’t successful in a silo—you must maximize all of the different ways you can present your content. From static posts to reels, we will figure out exactly what type of media to post, when to post, how to post, and how many times to post. In addition to the schedule, we will also define:

  • Topics to cover on a daily basis
  • Internet holidays that could benefit your industry
  • A detailed list of fun national and international holidays to help you create timely, relevant content
  • Frequency for each post
Boss Diplomat Social Media Content Strategy

daily engagement strategy

We will build a well of topics that align best with your brand and primary target audience. This means figuring out topics for us to create content around so that your business becomes memorable around specific niche topics. This avoids any last-minute posts and time-wasting on what to post about. In addition, we also map out:  

  • Specific topics for specific days
  • Type of content for specific days
  • Engagement strategy and quota for daily growth
  • Opportunity to go “Live” to engage further with your followers
Boss Diplomat Social Media Content Strategy

OPTIMIZATION Content Strategy

Knowing how to maximize your Instagram feed can be a challenge when you don’t know what to look out for. We will refresh your Instagram profile so that you show up as the face of your business, and reposition you as the expert in your field. You can stop stressing about what to post and when with your social media content strategy, which includes:

  • Content categories for each day of the week to keep you organized and attract your ideal clients
  • Mini content strategy with prompts and topic ideas that focus on your target audience
  • Call to Action examples so that every post prompts your followers to do something active
Boss Diplomat Social Media Content Strategy

Hashtag Strategy

Broaden your reach with the power of hashtags—without the endless searching and guessing. You’ll walk away with:

  • A list of 150 researched hashtags collected in an Excel spreadsheet so that you can easily click, copy, and paste
  • A guide on social media best practices and effectively using the hashtag ladder strategy
  • A clickable link that will take you directly to a well-organized Excel spreadsheet with industry-specific and tailored hashtags for your business alone
Branded Social Media Templates

Branded Canva Social Media Templates

Get started quickly with 40 branded social media templates made in Canva so you know exactly what your visuals will look like for every post. These templates can be easily edited and a “Click Here” link will redirect you specifically to your branded templates. 

These eye-catching designs will make you look professional and show your audience that you have your brand identity down to a tee. Plus, your content will be easily recognizable thanks to consistent visuals!


Premium Social Media Engagement

Introducing the Premium Social Media Management experience, a dynamic collaboration between Boss Diplomat, your personal brand strategist, and Chabot Creative, your expert copywriter. We’re not just managing your Instagram page, but creating an engaging narrative that resonates with your primary target audience by implementing growth strategies to amplify your brand’s reach.

Our advanced package goes beyond traditional social media management by incorporating influencer marketing. We recognize that connecting with the right audience is crucial for your brand’s success. By leveraging the power of influencers, we can help you establish meaningful partnerships that drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and generate valuable leads. 

WE DO NOT ENGAGE IN ONLINE PAID ADVERTISING! That means you never pay anything extra outside of our engagement! 

Instead, we leverage the power of influencer marketing, connecting your brand with influencers boasting a minimum of 10,000 followers without wasting time engaging with potential followers who may follow back. Why? Because we believe in organic growth, real-life testimonials, and putting you in front of an already-engaged audience.

Leave the creative process, pitching, and partnership proposals to us. We are here to handle the management and implementation, ensuring your small business gets premium leads while you focus on what you do best.

Let’s boost your brand together!

Choose your Engagement Level

PLEASE NOTE: All packages include the Social Media Content Strategy and require a minimum of 3-months commitment

LAUNCH package


Boss Diplomat Social Media Management for Small Business, Branding

Once we build out your Social Media Content Strategy, we will create your graphics and content, and even schedule this content FOR YOU over the next 90 days. Every quarter, we will review our strategy and offer best practices to help you leverage your brand on Instagram.   


The LAUNCH package includes:

  • Quarterly planning and strategy revision call
  • 90-day social media content specifically designed for Instagram
  • 3-4 posts per week completed with branded graphics and expertly written content for your primary target audience
  • 16 posts per month with advanced scheduling on Instagram (+$500 for Facebook)
  • Beautifully designed graphics that tell a story about your brand
  • Copywriting guidance handled by Chabot Creative
  • Brand guidance handled by Boss Diplomat 
  • 1 round of revision

LEVEL-UP package


Boss Diplomat Social Media Management for Small Business, Branding

We will implement and executive your engagement strategy so that your business is connecting with followers who could potentially become a lead for your product or services. This means connecting with followers personally and establishing a connection. 


The LEVEL-UP package includes:  

  • Everything in Launch
  • Monthly data tracking and analytics to leverage popular posts to your advantage
  • Engaging new followers with comments on their profiles
  • DM to potential leads to nurture relationship online
  • Advance planning of social media holidays to help you align your efforts in other marketing engagements



Boss Diplomat Social-Media Management, Small Business Branding and Influencer Marketing

To take your brand awareness efforts to a deeper level, we will work with influencers to build your reputation and credibility online. This means gaining real followers, qualified leads, and actual testimonials about your products or services from a highly trusted source.  


The INFLUENCER package includes:  

  • Everything in Level-up
  • Matchmaking with social media influencers with a minimum of 10k followers, who align with your brand, mission, and values
  • Full management of influencer engagement including pitching your product or service, getting their story content approved, and tracking their story outreach
  • Generating social proof and building online credibility for what you offer in your business
  • Measuring the results of influencer marketing campaigns and evaluating the performance and impact of influencer
  • Minimum pitch of 4 influencers per month to maximize the chance of success

Other things to include in your social media package…

To ensure that your brand remains authentic and as true to your values as possible, we highly recommend that you provide us with high-resolution photographers that were taken for your business. This prevents us from using stock images that thousands of others use for their social media which could water down your brand over time.

For an additional $500 per month, you can work with our awesome handpicked Brand Photographers who understand the power of your personal brand and can offer bi-annual photoshoot sessions at a location of your each. Each photoshoot will last half a day which gives us plenty of images to work with for each season.

Let’s take some of the pressure off you by collaborating with us on your next brand photography shoot.


Get Started

After booking, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire to support our initial research and help us prepare.



During your first consultation, Talyn and Stephanie will get to know you. We will develop a social media and messaging strategy, which we will review in our second meeting.


You will receive all content for approval. We’ll have quarterly review and planning calls. Sit back and watch your audience and engagement flourish!