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4-month installment plan available

Present Yourself With


Save a ton of time, money, and energy on shopping and styling yourself.


Fill your wardrobe with seamless pieces that feel authentic and empowering.


Be your best self daily to build trust, online and offline, and attract your target audience.

Do you know what is your Forever Color is?

Clear + Winter

Clear Spring palette needs bright colors to lighten the face and must avoid dark, deep colors.

Clear + Spring

Soft Summer palettes do great with rosy, pastel tints but bright colors will swallow you up.


Warm Autumn palettes do well with warmer shades but must avoid intense shades that will overpower you.

Deep + Winter

Deep Winter palettes do well with deep darker shades, but avoid autumn earth tones that will wash you out.

You’re consistently AWESOME at what you do, but your image is just…inconsistent.

Understandable. You’re busy focusing on your business and growing your passion. You haven’t prioritized your style and look. But if you want to level up your personal brand, it starts with your image.

How do I do that? What even IS my image?

If you’re asking these questions or think you don’t have a solid image, you likely don’t. Perhaps your style and effort fluctuate from one day to the next. One day, you wake up feeling awesome. You put on your favorite shirt, style your hair, makeup (if applicable), and accessories, and take on the day. The next, you’re feeling…meh. You throw on loungewear, figuring you’re working from home anyway. At most, you run a brush through your hair. Unfortunately, waffling between styles and colors sends mixed messages. You come off as disorganized and unsure of yourself.

This is what happens when most of your wardrobe doesn’t serve you and you don’t know how to shop for your skin tone, body type, or personality. No one has ever taught you how to dress yourself for entrepreneurship. Like anything else in business, you have to learn on your own! 

However, working with the right experts can save you years of frustrating trial and error. What if you no longer had to stress about your personal image?

That’s exactly what Talyn and Gigi will help you achieve. On top of working with this amazing power couple, we will also match you with a talented photographer in your area to take updated headshots of your new personal brand. AND, we will also send you a physical color palette wheel (small enough to fit in your day bag) so that you can have your perfect color match whenever you go shopping. WOAH!

Look + dress your best effortlessly

Boss Diplomat Image Consulting
Style Guide Example
Photography Reference Example

You know the old adage about dressing for the role you want? As an entrepreneur, you have to dress like the rockstar you are! But it’s also important to dress to fit your lifestyle. There is no point trying to dress like J-Lo or Johnny Depp if you have long car drives or kids to chase. Your personal brand needs to fit into your life, not just make you look good for a meeting. We are talking about LONG-TERM TRANSFORMATION.

With our image consulting to guide you, expect long-term and instant transformation. As part of our guidance, you will:

  • Know exactly what colors and styles to shop for—and what to avoid

  • Know exactly what style to adopt with your body shape in mind (hot tip: your body shape doesn’t change no matter whether you have gained or lost weight!)

  • Learn to quickly choose outfits that look and feel like YOU

  • Make clients think, “Wow, they really have it together!”

  • Never look like a hot mess again!

A strong impression starts with you. Be in control and make the right one!

What to Expect at Your Image Consultation

4-month installment plan available

During our image consulting process, we focus on five key areas:


Boss Diplomat Image Consulting

The right colors make you look vibrant, energetic, and confident. But the wrong hues can make you look sick, tired, and self-conscious—even if you’re not! Using scientifically-proven color theory analysis, we provide you with the most flattering colors based on your hair, eyes, and undertone (warm vs. cool).

You’ll receive:

  • Color Analysis: Learn your best colors, best neutrals, and worst colors (i.e., colors to avoid for life!).

  • Color Training: Learn how to look for shadows and age spots on your face when wearing different colors.

  • PLUS: Personalized color wheel with ~100 colors for your recommended color palette!


Brand Consulting - Style

Next, we’ll define the best clothing styles for you based on your personality, preferences, and body type. You’ll have everything you need to always look put together. Every piece will align with your personal brand. We’ll provide:

  • Personality Assessment: Highlight your personal characteristics and what impression you want to leave.

  • Personal Style Guide: Define your personal style and understand how to dress to achieve certain looks.

  • Capsule Closet: Learn how to create a capsule closet and weed through your existing closet. Imagine grabbing any combination of shirt, bottoms, and jacket and having them fit together no matter what—that’s a capsule wardrobe!

This step will help you prep for your Wardrobe Edit with Gigi and start separating your clothes into YES, NO, and MAYBE piles!


Brand Consulting - Photography

If you’re building a personal brand, chances are you need headshots or personal branding photography. Feel like you don’t know what to do in front of the camera? Get everything you need to practice at home, then carry yourself with confidence and ease to capture the perfect shots! The Photography Reference includes:

  • Posing Guidelines: Learn how to show your best side, where to put your hands, and when/how to smile to capture your personality.

  • Creative Direction: Give your photographer tips to snap your best look, from camera angles to ideal lighting.

  • Shotlist Ideas: Be ready with prop, clothing, and pose combos that are authentic and connect you to your target audience.

We cover all of the above in a 1-hour consultation. After our session, you’ll receive your comprehensive Personal Image Guide to help you maintain a consistent, effective image moving forward!


Live session with Styling with Gigi
Image consulting virtual demo

Once Talyn provides you with your Image Blueprint, you will enjoy a 2-hour virtual Wardrobe Edit with Gigi Vakilzadeh of Styling with Gigi to work through your NO and MAYBE piles. We will focus on the current season and your “work” closet for your personal brand.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload items from your YES pile to an app in advance.
  2. Gigi will assess your body type, walk you through your chosen style, and advise you on the best clothes for you based on patterns/prints, colors, textures, design and fit.
  3. Next, we will go through your MAYBE pile and show you what works for you and what doesn’t. If time allows, we will also work through your NO pile to solidify your decision.
  4. After this session, you will upload any remaining clothes from your final YES pile. This includes shoes and accessories. 
  5. Gigi will then create 10 perfect looks from your existing closet to get you started!

Between Talyn and Gigi’s expertise, you’ll be well on your way to defining your personal brand and creating your capsule wardrobe!


Boss Diplomat Image Consulting Color Palette Fan Wheel
Color wheel mailed to you

After your color analysis session, I will post your very own color palette wheel so that you have this with you when you decide to upgrade your wardrobe. This handy little thing fits right in your pocket or bag, making it an easy companion during your future shopping trips. As part of this color wheel, you will be getting 25 fabric swatches with your PERFECT color. 

Just a little thank you for working with us on your personal brand. 

Now that you know exactly what colors to choose, what your style is, and how to dress for your shape, your personal brand is ready. We can’t wait to see your newly transformed Personal Brand. 

Now let’s help you get there!

Photo/Video Shoot Direction


Need some extra support and guidance at your next photo or video shoot? We’ll advise you on how to:

  • Dress

  • Pose

  • Speak

  • Pick the right location

  • Choose the right props

  • Best present yourself

We can join you on set or provide a Zoom consultation in advance. Just let us know if you would like this add-on when you book your image consultation through the Power Hour!


Get Started

After booking, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire and request for several photos of you to help us get to know you and prepare.

Define Your Image

During your image consultation, we’ll dive deep into your best colors, styles, and photo/video best practices, as noted above.

Own Your Style

Walk away with your personal image guide and capsule closet so you can make the best impression over and over again!