Brand Launcher

Perfect your image and get in front of the right audience FAST 

Boost your brand with public relations

You’ve built the foundation of your brand by completing the Brand Blueprint or Brand Builder. Now, you’re truly ready to launch—but how do you get the word out? 
The simple answer: Publicity!
Whether you’re building something new or growing an established business, media coverage can be a powerful tool to building a strong brand that is recognized, trusted and valued by a real audience. But this requires a strong image, knowing how and where to pitch, and understanding how to build relationships.
So, where do you begin?
With help from your Fairy BOSS-Mother, of course! I will do all the heavy lifting of building your initial brand awareness through public relations and influencer marketing in the build-up of your official launch. All you have to do is show up as your authentic self and share your side of the story.
Take a sneak peek into how public relations can truly transform your small business into a premium brand.

Introducing the Brand Launcher

INVESTMENT: $20,000 $19,000* – (payment plan below)
TURNAROUND: 3 months

Public relations is incredibly effective for ramping up your small business’s visibility and growth, especially after you’ve spent all this time and energy on your rebrand! As your Brand Consultant, I will identify publications and opportunities that align with your brand and goals that is right for your primary target audience and suitable for your chosen niche. This will be complete once you have your brand narrative and marketing pieces in place.

The Brand Launcher is an intensive 3-month engagement designed to:

  • Create a consistent, recognizable, authentic image
  • Establish a positive brand reputation and strong credibility
  • Gain social proof for your services/products
  • Get you in front of live audience who share similar values to you

Why three months? Why wait! It’s the minimum time we need to prep your image, get some starter media coverage, and start building momentum for your upgraded brand. This is your big opportunity to get people to talk about your services or products, and everything you have to offer, even if you haven’t launched your business.

See how we’ll build an authentic brand strategy that cuts through the noise and connects you with your dream clients during four phases.

Here is what you can expect to achieve with the BRAND BUILDER over the next 14 weeks:

  • WEEK 1-2: Brand Blueprint 3x one-hour consultations to build the foundations of your personal brand
  • WEEK 3: Brand Competitor Analysis which looks through over 100+ competitor websites to analyze the ideal primary audience, areas of growth, and build the foundations of your rebranded website
  •  WEEK 4: Comprehensive social media content strategy with a list of topics, type of content, schedule, and social media templates to use to build out your personal brand
  • WEEK 5: Detailed lead generation strategy so that you know exactly what you need to do to generate leads for your business
  • WEEK 6-7: Image consulting, plus 2-hour virtual wardrobe edit to create your visual personal brand and capsule wardrobe with your authentic brand uniform
  • WEEK 8: While you work on your new capsule wardrobe, we will create a media kit version of your Brand Blueprint to get your brand ready for public relations, you will work with our brand photographer to capture your new personal brand
  • WEEK 9: You will work with our brand photographer to capture your new personal brand so that you have new photos to put on your marketing materials
  • WEEK 10-12: Redesign your website so you know exactly what changes you need to make to attract high-quality leads
  • WEEK 10-14: We will get you pitched and published on external media sites, so that your website starts to build traction and your personal brand builds credibility and authority, even before you launch
  • WEEK 14: Get ready for your big launch where you can finally reveal to the world your new rebrand.

And if you want to continue amplifying your brand after the Brand Launcher, don’t worry—you can always choose one of the packages from the Brand Amplifier service that is dedicated to getting you even more publicity over time. 

Learn how I can get your brand some much-needed visibility below.

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa press and media coverage

What to Expect from Your Brand Launcher Engagement

Part 1: Polishing your image so that you’re truly authentic

Work with me for an Image Consultation so that you know exactly what colors and style to dress in, before pruning your existing closet with your very own virtual style consultant. Learn to dress in a way that is truly authentic to who you are without compromising on your lifestyle, personality and comfort level.

Part 2: Getting you media ready with an impressive Media Kit

I already know how amazing you are, but now it’s time for everyone else to see that. I will build your Media Kit with all the information a collaborator will need to truly boost your brand on their platform. This means getting new photos and tweaking your Brand Blueprint for speaking engagements.

Part 3: Media outreach and launch marketing prep

The final phase is to get you brand connected to niche publications, podcast interviews, and influencers who have a ready-made audience waiting for new content. I will build, write, and pitch your business on your behalf in advance of your launch so that you have social proof, testimonials, and public kudos built for you.

A Closer Look into the Brand Launcher

The Brand Launcher is designed to build your brand visibility, credibility and trust quickly! By tapping into social media influencers, the goal is to help you grow on Instagram and get those public social proofs live for your business. This approach is quite unconventional in terms of public relations, but hey – I’m a Brand Consultant, and I get you connected to real people who actually like what you have to offer. 

And if you decide that you want Boss Diplomat to implement and manage your social media after this project, I will continue getting your business connected with legitimate influencers on Instagram.  

Let’s take a little tour of what your Brand Launcher journey looks like, stage by stage!

You get everything from Brand Builder...


Boss Diplomat Image Consulting
Brand Consulting - Style
Brand Consulting - Photography


You’re busy focusing on your business and growing your passion. You haven’t prioritized your style and look. But if you want to level up your personal brand and become premium in your business, it starts with your image. Unfortunately, waffling between styles and colors sends mixed messages. You come off as disorganized and unsure of yourself.

The Image Consultation Blueprint is a powerful life tool tailored for solopreneurs, designed around your lifestyle, habits, personality and personal choices. 

During our image consulting  process, we focus on four key areas: 

Your Colors:

The right colors make you look vibrant, energetic, and confident. But the wrong hues can make you look sick, tired, and self-conscious—even if you’re not! Using scientifically-proven color theory analysis, we provide you with the most flattering colors based on your hair, eyes, and undertone (warm vs. cool). You’ll receive:

  • Color Analysis: Learn your best colors, best neutrals, and worst colors (i.e., colors to avoid for life!).
  • Color Training: Learn how to look for shadows and age spots on your face when wearing different colors.
  • PLUS: Personalized color wheel with ~100 colors with recommended seasonal color palettes

Your Style: 

Next, we’ll define the best clothing styles for you based on your personality, preferences, and body type. You’ll have everything you need to always look fashionable and put together. Every recommendation will align with your personal brand. We’ll provide:

  • Personality Assessment: Highlight your personal characteristics and what impression you want to leave.
  • Personal Style Guide: Define your personal style and understand how to dress to achieve certain looks.
  • Capsule Closet: Learn how to create a capsule closet and weed through your existing closet. Imagine grabbing any combination of shirt, bottoms, and jacket and having them fit together no matter what—that’s a capsule wardrobe!

Your Wardrobe: 

Once Talyn provides you with your Image Blueprint, you will enjoy a 2-hour virtual Wardrobe Edit with Gigi Vakilzadeh of Styling with Gigi to work through your YES and MAYBE piles. We will focus on the current season and your “work” closet for your brand. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload items from your YES pile to an app in advance.
  2. Gigi will assess your body type, walk you through your chosen style, and advise you on the best clothes for you based on patterns/prints, colors, textures, design and fit.
  3. Next, we’ll go through your MAYBE pile and show you what works for you and what doesn’t.
  4. After this session, you’ll upload the remaining clothes from your YES pile. 
  5. Gigi will then create 10 perfect looks from your existing closet to get you started! 
Boss Diplomat media kit

Media kit and brand photoshoot (weeks 8-9)

With your Image Consultation complete, I will send you to one of my trusted brand photographers for a photoshoot. You’ll receive up to 15 new photos to use on your website, social media, and media opportunities.

Of course, you need to package up your story and show off how awesome you are, which is where your Media Kit comes in! I’ll repurpose your Brand Blueprint for your packet, which we’ll use for press, media, podcast, influencer, and speaking engagements. Your kit will include:

  • Your business background and story
  • Speaking engagement topics
  • A fact sheet with relevant statistics
  • Your company logo
  • Headshots
  • Product and/or behind-the-scenes photos
  • Everything in a ready-to-go Google Shared Drive folder

We will be actively using your Media Kit when pitching your story to relevant media publications and platforms. This is the perfect opportunity to see what works and doesn’t work for your brand.

Boss Diplomat Brand Amplifier public relations

Media Outreach (weeks 10-14)

Now for the exciting part: I get to pitch your brand! I’ll spend the next four months reaching out to relevant digital and print publications, podcasts, TV channels, blogs, and events. Media coverage could include articles, interviews, features, and speaking engagements. 


Understanding what journalists and other media pros are looking for in pitches and how to make yours stand out is tricky. That’s why I take care of it for you, researching the best opportunities for your biz and customizing each pitch based on your strategy and story.

Initiating your media coverage early gives you brand recognition and clout—and yes, it can work before you’ve even launched. The more others talk about you, the more premium your brand becomes!

And my clients LOVE their rebrand!

Payment Plan Options

In just six months, your business brand will be transformed into a premium brand that is liked, loved and trusted by your primary target audience. Your investment is a commitment to a future where your brand truly sticks around for long-term where the marketing work is done, automated, and continues to bring you leads over time.

Option 1: Full Payment

INVESTMENT: $20,000 $19,000
(Automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • Incentive for past clients: Receive $2,500 off if you have completed a Brand Blueprint with me at any time. Total Investment After Discount: $20,000 $17,500

Option 2: Installment Option

OPTION A Installment Plan (50/50): 
(Automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • 1st payment: $9,500 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date)
    – $9,500 on the second consultation

OPTION B Installment Plan (3-month): 
(Automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • 1st payment: $6,500 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date)
    – $6,250 monthly payment x2

OPTION C Installment Plan (6-month): 

  • 1st payment: $3,500 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date)
    – $3,500 monthly payment x5

OTHER OPTIONS: I am happy to provide a more budget-friendly installment plan, however no discounts will be applied. Please email to discuss.


Get Started

After booking, you’ll receive a Zoom meeting invitation to help us prepare and lay the timeline for this project. 

Keeping you informed

Throughout our outreach, I will keep you informed and reach out when I need more information for third-party consumption. 


Maintain a consistent brand and become recognizable through public relations and influencer marketing even before you launch your rebrand!