Brand Builder

Build your business brand with absolute purpose

Position your business with a comprehensive, done-for-you brand strategy to really show you off

Are you in the process of developing your brand or rebranding and feeling overwhelmed?
Finding your voice, telling your story, showing up on social, building your website… it’s a lot! So, if you want to avoid making mistakes with your brand, create a genuine and robust brand strategy that drives your business for years to come, and eliminate the stress of building your brand foundation, I’ve got your back with my signature Brand Builder! By the time we’re done, you’ll have a launch-ready brand you can be proud of.
Take a behind-the-scenes peek into what you can expect from your very own Brand Builder journey.

Introducing the Brand Builder

INVESTMENT: $10,000 $9,000* – (payment plan below)
TURNAROUND: 6 weeks max.

*The cost of the Brand Power Hour automatically gets applied to this project. PLUS, if you have completed a Brand Blueprint, the cost of that project gets deducted to Brand Builder.

As your Fairy BOSS-Mother, I will help you create or reposition your brand. You’ll enjoy my personalized guidance and a complete brand/rebrand strategy within just two months. Throughout the Brand Builder, you’ll learn:

  • How to mesh your personal and business brands
  • How your brand specifically serve your primary target audience
  • How to produce aligned, action-driving social media content
  • Who your competition is and how to stand out
  • How your website should be redesigned

See how we’ll build an authentic brand strategy that cuts through the noise and connects you with your dream clients during four phases.

Here is what you can expect to achieve with the BRAND BUILDER over the next 12 weeks:

  • WEEK 1-2: Brand Blueprint 3x one-hour consultations to build the foundations of your personal brand
  • WEEK 3: Brand Competitor Analysis which looks through over 100+ competitor websites to analyze the ideal primary audience, areas of growth, and build the foundations of your rebranded website
  •  WEEK 4: Comprehensive social media content strategy with a list of topics, type of content, schedule, and social media templates to use to build out your personal brand
  • WEEK 5: Redesign your website with actual strategy so you know exactly what changes you need to make to attract high-quality leads (and yes, we won’t be building this site for you!)
  • WEEK 6: Detailed lead generation strategy so that you know exactly what you need to do to generate leads for your business
Brand Builder Boss Diplomat

What to Expect from Your Brand Builder Sessions

Part 1: Competitor analysis and brand gap opportunities

In addition to completing your Brand Blueprint, we will conduct an in-depth competitor analysis, examining your competitors’ online presence, dissecting their websites, and identifying strategic opportunities to maximize gaps and uncover untapped potential, uniquely positioning your business. 

Part 2: Social media content & website redesign strategy

The next phase is to develop a detailed Social Media and Website Redesign Strategy so you are fully prepared with custom tools on how to effectively update your website and speak directly to your target audience. This is an all-in-one marketing strategy that fully promotes your business to your primary target audience, to be implemented by you or your team. 

Part 3: Implementation guidance & launch strategy 

Now that you have a strong foundational brand and marketing assets that back up your rebrand, you are ready to implement everything we have worked on. I will walk you through the implementation process of your brand and help you prepare for your big launch day, ensuring that your business is protected and has all the necessary tools to grow.  

A Closer Look into the Brand Builder

The Brand Builder is designed to empower you, the solopreneur, by guiding you through a strategic process that uncovers your unique narrative, strategically positions your brand in the market through competitor analysis, and executes a dynamic Social Media and Website Redesign Strategy that speaks to the heart of your target audience. This approach ensures a cohesive and authentic brand identity, giving you the confidence to lead your business and captivate your future clients across various platforms. 

And if you decided that you want Boss Diplomat to implement and manage the Social Media Strategy and Website Redesign Strategy, I will handle your project from conception to launch, and beyond! 

Let’s take a little tour of what your Brand Builder journey looks like, stage by stage!

Brand Builder - Brand Blueprint - Boss Diplomat


First Stop: Your Brand Blueprint! 

This is where we build a solid foundation to provide you with the clarity and direction to guide your branding, marketing, and sales strategies.  

A unique element of my process is guiding you on your key offerings and pricing strategy to ensure everything aligns with your new or repositioned brand (many other brand consultants don’t handle this!). Additionally, we will:

  • Craft your story and start sharing it to increase visibility
  • Identify your target audience and three main segments
  • Design your brand identity, including your business name, tagline, and visuals
  • Redefine your job title and description

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already done a Brand Blueprint, the cost will be applied to your Brand Builder ($2,500).


Brand Builder - Competitor Analysis - Boss Diplomat


NEVER skip this part! Because your competitors will give you more answers than you could have ever wish!

I will look into your competition – these are individuals and businesses you may take your clients or target audience away from you. This is a critical part for us to understand where your biggest opportunities lie because your competitors may be missing the bigger picture. And we won’t be making the same mistakes as them! 

As part of the Brand Competitor Analysis, I will:

  • Analyze your ideal primary audience and show you areas of growth that you may not have discovered
  • Help you understand upcoming trends that could benefit your brand
  • Take a loook at Instagram influencers you could potentially partner with
  • Show you a map of all of your hottest competitors and who to keep an eye out for
  • Look through over 100+ competitor websites and show you at least 7 competitor websites to help you understand your own brand gaps  
Brand Builder - Social Media Strategy - Boss Diplomat


Your Social Media Content Strategy is a detailed, comprehensive guide, so you’ll never be left wondering what to post again! This process equips you with:

  • An overview of what, where, when, and how to post
  • A daily engagement strategy with topics, types of content (e.g., static post, Reel, podcast, video, blog, etc.), and IG Live ideas
  • Profile and content optimization, content categories and prompts, and call-to-action examples
  • A comprehensive hashtag strategy with an Excel spreadsheet of 150 researched hashtags
  • Branded Canva social media templates for easily edited, consistent visuals

I will review your personalized Social Media Content strategy every nine months, if you decide to hire me as your ongoing Brand Manager.  

Brand Builder - Website Redesign Strategy - Boss Diplomat


Next, I will design your website on (virtual) paper! This means you will see how your brand looks on a website before it’s built, along with the flow of content and how the design pulls it all together. This is EXACTLY what your webs developer will need to see to build your website without any miscommunication!

Walk away with:

  • Competitor website analysis so you know what you should and shouldn’t do to stand out
  • Home, About, Services, and Contact page concepts
  • The option to implement the design yourself OR pass it on to your web designer

Web designers often lack direction from clients, who struggle to develop their own strategies or communicate ideas and needs clearly—leading to ineffective websites and wasted money! The Website Redesign Strategy gives designers the guidance necessary to create a lead-generating website that works for you 24/7.  


Brand Launch Handbook - Elements - Boss Diplomat


Now, it’s time to put all our hard work into action! I will walk you through placing the puzzle pieces together, resulting in your ready-to-go brand. This means walking through your Brand Launch, setting up some dates and key milestones, and ensuring that you have accountability after all of your hardwork as part of THIS brand process. 

Together, we will create a list of action items to implement your rebrand. We will also start planning your brand launch event together. 

After completing your Brand Builder, we can continue working together with my Brand Amplifier package. This is where I provide in-depth support for launching your brand via: 

  • Media outreach to build awareness, trust, and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Influencer marketing to leverage existing audiences from aligned influencers 
  • Image consulting so you show up as your best, on-brand self daily!

Let’s build your brand! 

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Payment Plan Options

In just twelve weeks, experience a transformative journey that will provide laser focus to your personal brand. Unlock the power of a comprehensive Brand Blueprint that is ready for implementation to your upgraded website and social media marketing campaign. Your investment is a commitment to a future where your brand truly reflects your vision and resonates with your audience without making mistakes along the way.

And by the way, if you decide to go further with me in your brand journey, I will apply the cost of THIS Brand Blueprint towards the Brand Launcher package. How about that for a DISCOUNT!

Option 1: Full Payment

INVESTMENT: $10,000 $9,000
(You automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • Incentive for past clients: Receive $2,500 off if you have completed a Brand Blueprint with me at any time. Total Investment After Discount: $10,000 $7,500

Option 2: Installment Payments

OPTION A Installment Plan (50/50): 
(You automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • 1st payment: $4,000 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date) 
    – $4,000 balance on the second consultation

OPTION B Installment Plan (3-month):
(You automatically get $1,000 off when you complete the Brand Power Hour). 

  • 1st payment: $3,000 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date)
    – $3,000 monthly payment x2

OPTION C Installment Plan (6-month): 

  • 1st payment: $1,750 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date with an expected 2-3 month delay)
    – $1,750 monthly payment x5

OTHER OPTIONS: I am happy to provide a more budget-friendly installment plan, however no discounts will be applied. Please email to discuss.

Have questions about our payment options or need a customized plan? Reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to assist you.


Get Started

After booking, you’ll receive our brand questionnaire and request for other relevant materials or information to help me prepare.


Getting to Know You

Throughout our consultations, I will gather everything I need to perfect your brand strategy development.


Maintain a consistent brand and become recognizable among your dream clients, thanks to your ultra-clear brand strategy on your website and on social!