The Signature Brand Blueprint

Build your business DNA with a powerful brand strategy

Want to work less, charge more and attract better clients?

If you’re like many established solopreneurs, you’re constantly working behind the scenes, pouring your heart into your business but struggling to get a good flow of clients you actually want to work with. That’s where I come in. I specialize in helping solopreneurs like you become the true Brand Ambassadors of their business so that you become a premium brand that people actually need, want and won’t EVER haggle you down!
Take a behind-the-scenes peek into what you can expect for your very own Brand Blueprint reveal.

The Struggle is REAL!


You’re working hard, but your brand lacks visibility. Your personal story is buried, and you’re yet to connect with your audience authentically. Let’s bring out your story!



Ever feel like you’re not charging what you’re truly worth? Your product or services are invaluable, but your pricing doesn’t reflect that. Let’s change your payday!


Your visual identity is a confusing mess, and your marketing feels scattered. It’s time to align your business with a brand that truly reflects your WHY. Let’s get your identity clear!

An Expert Eye on Your Brand Strategy

Whether you are just starting out and haven’t defined your brand yet, or you’ve been around a while but need a refresh, it all begins with your brand strategy! I specialize in helping small business owners who are service-based, product-based or create content as a living. Without you, there is no book, product or service. 

YOU are the missing piece to your entire business brand. By staying invisible in your business, you will struggle to set your small business apart and convert clients WITHOUT this foundation. I understand that as a solopreneur, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to navigate: 

  • Telling your story in a genuine, engaging way
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Crafting consistent messaging
  • Marketing your products or services clearly
  • Connecting with your target audience

Your brand is how others think and feel about your business. So we need to reposition you in a way that helps you connect with your dream clients. It’s NOT impossible!

As your Brand Consultant, I encourage you to think differently about your brand positioning and set into the light. When you become the face of the business and turn your backstory into the pivotal driver of your business, your products and services will speak for itself. During our signature brand strategy service, we will develop a detailed plan that:

  • Guides your business and marketing decisions and fuels growth
  • Establishes you as an authority in your industry
  • Ensures consistency and brand awareness on every channel

Are you ready to take a leap?

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa -- Your Brand Consultant

Introducing the Brand Blueprint

INVESTMENT: $5,000 $4,000* (payment plan below)

*Your Brand Power Hour cost automatically gets applied to the Brand Blueprint package.

The Brand Blueprint has everything you need to create an iconic and consistent presence. No prolonged timelines. In just two weeks, I will transform your brand and give you the confidence to lead. We will go on a journey of brand discovery, giving you an opportunity to dive deep into the heart of what drives your business. Through this process, we will turn YOU into the ultimate Brand Ambassador for your business! 


What to Expect from Your Brand Blueprint​ Sessions

Meeting #1:
Your Truth and Value

This is your chance to share everything you can about your past, present, and future. Whatever you’ve been struggling with, whatever ideas you have, unload them onto me so that I can work my magic and weave all of your great thoughts and truth together. This conversation will become the foundation of your rebrand so don’t hold back. 

Meeting #2:
Your Blueprint Reveal

Hold your breath as I reveal your personalized 3-page Brand Blueprint from start to finish based on our Power Hour session. We will work through this document line-by-line to truly capture your voice and personality for a refined target audience who will fall in LOVE with your new brand voice. 

Meeting #3:
Your Pricing Strategy

With your brand repositioned, we will focus this final session on working deeply on how you price and structure your service offers. I will help you refine your process and ensure that your brand journey matches your client expectations so that you only provide premium services without adding more work or time to your schedule. 

A Closer Look into Your Brand Blueprint

The purpose of the Brand Blueprint is to give your business structure, focus, and most importantly, YOUR voice. I will put you in front and centre of your business so that people have someone to relate to. Your story will become a significant part of your brand going forward but what we choose to share will only a small percentage of who you are. Watch your confidence soar with your handy little Brand Blueprint right by your side. Use it as a constant reminder to keep focused in your business.

And if anything major changes in your business, feel free to get in touch and we can use a Brand Power Hour session to revise the blueprint at your convenience. Step into the role of your business’s Brand Ambassador with newfound confidence.

Boss Diplomat Brand Blueprint-branding for small businesses


A well-crafted story is so much more than listing your work experience and background! I will ensure your story:

  • Reflects your personality and business journey
  • Captures your voice and tone
  • Spotlights your WHY to connect you to your target audience
  • Conveys how you will make their lives better
  • Showcases your unique qualifications

Walk away with the perfect content for your website’s About page or any short bio piece!


Every brand need guardrails to keep the business on track, which is where your mission, vision, and goals come in. I will refine your:

  • Mission Statement: Defines your brand purpose
  • Vision Statement: Defines the ultimate outcome your business is working towards
  • Goals: The top three ways you aim to help clients achieve their own goals

You can always come back to these when making future marketing and business decisions to ensure you stay true to your brand!

Boss Diplomat Brand Blueprint-branding for small businesses


You need to hone in on who your target audience is in order to speak directly to them. I will help you:

  • Identify your top three ideal clients (i.e., buyer personas)
  • Define their problems and what success looks like for them
  • Communicate how your solution(s) will make their lives better

You will know how to speak directly to qualified prospects to turn them into your dream clients!


Next, we will refine your key services by assessing:

  • Which offer the most value to your ideal clients
  • What you enjoy doing the most
  • How you can package them into easy, magnetic offers

Your services deserve to shine. I will strategically repackage them for impact and increased revenue. You can then use the copy for each service on your website and other marketing materials! 

Boss Diplomat Brand Blueprint-branding for small businesses


We’ll start you off with three strategies to help maximize your business outreach, such as:

  • Unique lead magnets, like quizzes and tests to intrigue your audience
  • Digital marketing strategies, from email campaigns to social media content ideas
  • Social proof, like video testimonials, which you can use across your marketing assets
  • …and many others, depending on your business and goals!

We will also discuss these further during our consultations to fuel your ideas and inspiration.


Whether you’re launching something new in your business or rebranding your current one, you need to nail down the essentials! I will provide you with ideas and concepts for your:

  • Business Name
  • Tagline
  • Brand Visuals (e.g., mini mood board, color palette, fonts, and logo)

From colors to logo concepts, I will design a visual brand that’s uniquely and authentically YOU. You will have time to reflect on the options and select the final brand elements to be included in your Brand Blueprint. This will act as your brand guide when you create your social media graphics, update your website, design print marketing, and more.

And more BONUS strategies...

Boss Diplomat Brand Blueprint-branding for small businesses

Redefined JOB title and DESCRIPTION

I will reposition you in your business with a NEW job title and description that doesn’t just say “Founder”, “Owner”, “President” or something generic like that. With an upgraded job title, you clearly show your target audience that: 

  • You are an expert in this very specific niche
  • You know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re the best
  • You do more than just run the business, but also lead with clients
  • You are best positioned to solve this specific problem for your clients
  • You are positioning yourself for media outreach once you are ready to show off your brand to the wider world

I will why YOU are the best in your specific niche and give you the confidence to carry this new job title in your business and for your clients. 

In-depth pricing strategy

Seeing that I’m turning you into a premium brand, it’s important that your service or product matches your new brand identity. That’s why I go through each of your services in detail, raising your prices where necessary and explaining why and how you should charge. We will look into what your competitors charge, but it is ALL about positioning. And pricing strategy is NOT something that another Brand Consultant will even look at!

ALL THIS is part of your Brand Blueprint. A huge value-added, life-changing process that will amplifiy your business AND personal brand ALL IN ONE!

And see my clients LOVE their brand!

Payment Plan Options

In just two weeks, experience a transformative journey that will provide laser focus to your personal brand. Unlock the power of a comprehensive Brand Blueprint designed to elevate your brand and accelerate your success. Your investment is a commitment to a future where your brand truly reflects your vision and resonates with your audience.

And by the way, if you decide to go further with me in your brand journey, I will apply the cost of THIS Brand Blueprint towards either the Brand Builder or the Brand Launcher package. How about that for a DISCOUNT!

Option 1: Full Payment

INVESTMENT: $5,000 $4,000
(You automatically get $1,000 off once you complete the Brand Power Hour).

Option 2: Installment Payments

OPTION A Installment Plan – (50/50):
(You automatically get $1,000 off once you complete the Brand Power Hour).

  • 1st payment: $2,000 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date)
  • 2nd payment: $2,000 on the final week of project completion 

OPTION B Installment Plan – (3-month): 

  • 1st payment: $1,750 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date with an expected 2-3 month delay)
    – $1,750 monthly payment x2

OPTION C Installment Plan – (6-month): 

  • 1st payment: $875 upfront
    (non-refundable deposit to secure the project start date with an expected 2-3 month delay)
    – $875 monthly payment x5

OTHER OPTIONS: I am happy to provide a more budget-friendly installment plan, however no discounts will be applied. Please email to discuss.

Have questions about our payment options or need a customized plan? Reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to assist you.


Get Started

After booking, you’ll receive our brand questionnaire and request for other relevant materials or information to help us prepare.


Getting to Know You

Throughout our consultations, we’ll gather everything we need to perfect your brand strategy development.


Maintain a consistent brand and become recognizable among your dream clients, thanks to your ultra-clear brand strategy!