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Become the icon of your industry by creating the perfect brand and growing an awesome business

Boss Diplomat specializes in personal branding for small business owner:

What’s up, BOSSES! I’m your Brand Consultant and Fairy BOSS-Mother, Talyn-Rahman Figueroa, specializing in personal branding services for established solo business owners like you. Experience a creative and strategic process with solutions tailored to your goals and backstory. 

From building your authentic brand story and identity to showing up consistently on your website and social media to amplifying your brand, I’ll help you speak directly to your dream clients. While I worry about your brand, you’ll enjoy more time working on your passion and taking your business to new heights!

Are you ready to create a brand that attracts your ideal clients and makes them say HECK YES!? Check out my process below, and book a chat with me via Zoom.


The Branding Journey You're About To Take


START HERE: Free Mini Brand Session

Investment: 30-minutes of our time

So, you want to shake things up and take your brand to the next level, but you’re unsure where to start?

Book a FREE Mini Brand Session with me for a half hour of insights and ideas based on your existing business brand! This is a great way to get to know each other as I peek at your website, social media, and other relevant branding/marketing info I discover about you (or your competitors). 

Enjoy a down-to-earth conversation as we get real about your business.


NEXT STEP: Brand Power Hour

Investment: $500*

The Brand Power Hour is where we start all the magic. In fact, it’s the required first step in order to engage in my other brand services!

If you’ve been struggling to connect with and convert your ideal clients but feel you’ve tried it all, it’s time for a branding expert with an outside perspective. In this 90-minute intensive (yep, even better than an hour), we will focus on core elements like your target audience, brand positioning, and competitors. 

Ready to learn more and get your business moving again?


OPTION #1: Brand Blueprint

Investment: $2,500 (x2)*

Do you want to work less, charge more, and attract better clients? Then you need to become your own Brand Ambassador!

However, this can be tough as a solopreneur. You’re struggling to gain visibility, set pricing that feels good, and show up consistently. That’s where I come in to help you establish the foundation of your business: your brand strategy. Through my signature Brand Blueprint service, we will dive into your main audience segments, outline your core offerings, and design your visual brand identity.

Once we’re done, you’ll be equipped to tell your story and connect authentically with your dream clients!

*This is the installment plan. Your Brand Power Hour cost is applied to this project. All prices are in USD.

OPTION #2: Brand Builder

Investment: $2,600 (x5)*

If you’re in the process of branding or rebranding, you might be overwhelmed. After all, it’s a lot of work!

You want to avoid making mistakes with your brand, create a robust brand strategy, and eliminate the stress of building your brand strategy. My 8-week Brand Builder process includes the Brand Blueprint, plus your Social Media Content Strategy and Website Redesign Strategy. You’ll know exactly what to post on social and how to update your website.

Together, we’ll build you a brand that stands out from the competition!

*This is the installment plan. Your Brand Power Hour and Brand Blueprint cost is applied to this project. All prices are in USD. 

OPTION #3: Brand Launcher

Investment: $3,500 (x7)*

Once you’ve built the foundation of your brand and you’re ready to launch, how do you get the word out? 

It’s time to enter the world of publicity! However, public relations and influencer marketing take a lot of work and insider knowledge. Through my Brand Launcher engagement, I will garner you PR and influencer marketing opportunities. You’ll develop a consistent, recognizable personal brand image, create a media kit, boost your business brand reputation and credibility, and gain social proof.

Ready to perfect your image and get in front of the right audiences?

*This is the installment plan. Your Brand Power Hour and Brand Blueprint cost is applied to this project. All prices are in USD. 

Wondering where to start? Tell me where your brand is at!

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa
“If you leave branding at the end of your list, you'll end up paying so much more. Get your foundations correct early on and set yourself up for success.”

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa