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Build your personal brand authority by getting your name published

Boost your personal brand visibility with credible authority

If you’ve put in the effort to develop your personal brand, it’s time to get the visibility your brand deserves. Building a personal brand is not just about creating a strong image of yourself, but also making sure that message eventually reaches a wider audience. By getting your brand seen (outside of your website), you can establish yourself as an influential authority figure in your chosen niche.

That’s why Boss Diplomat has partnered up with expert copywriters like Chabot Creative to offer high-quality articles with rich keywords that not only keep the internet bots happy, but also makes it easier for journalists and media publishing houses to say YES to getting your name published on their news sites. 

By working with Boss Diplomat, your article is NEVER SPONSORED but 100% authored! That means anything that is published about you is actually written for the purposes of that specific publication by an actual human being.

Instead of trying to pitch to journalists yourself or learning to do public relations for your small business, we handle all of this for you. We are confident in getting your personal brand seen to showcase your expertise, accomplishments, and unique value proposition because we KNOW you’re the REAL DEAL. You deserve to be seen by a wider audience and get your message heard. And when your personal brand is visible, you become more discoverable and attractive to potential clients who are excited to get in touch with you. 

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Top 5 reasons you need public Relations

  1. Increased Visibility: Public relations helps to increase the visibility of your personal brand by securing media coverage and features in relevant publications. This exposure allows you to reach a wider audience and gain recognition.

  2. Credibility and Trust: When your name and expertise are published outside of your website, it adds credibility and trust to your personal brand. Being featured in reputable publications or media outlets positions you as an authority in your industry.

  3. Expanded Network: Public relations efforts can help you connect with influential individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators. By getting your name published outside of your website, you have the opportunity to build relationships and expand your network, which can lead to more business opportunities.

  4. Brand Awareness and Reputation Management: Public relations helps you build brand awareness and manage your reputation. When your name is mentioned in media coverage or features, it increases brand recognition and establishes a positive perception among your target audience.

  5. Business Growth: Effective public relations can directly contribute to your business growth. Increasing visibility, credibility, and brand awareness can attract new clients, customers, and partnerships. It can also lead to speaking engagements, collaborations, and other opportunities that can further expand your business. 

Introducing the Brand Amplifier Packages

INVESTMENT: From $499 per month* (packages below)
TURNAROUND: Month-to-month (no minimum contract)

*You must complete the Brand Power Hour to qualify for this service

The Brand Amplifier service is designed to enhance and maximize the visibility and impact of your business and amplify your personal brand. With a range of options tailored to your specific needs and goals, you can choose from packages that include one written and published article, to four published articles that also include growth to securing podcast and speaking engagements. 

These packages are designed to increase your brand reach, engagement, and influence, helping you establish a strong and impactful personal brand in the digital landscape. 

A Closer Look into the Packages

Each package has a specific purpose and is designed to help you achieve your brand goals by enhancing your personal brand presence, increasing visibility, building credibility, and engaging with your target audience.




$499 per month

$799 per month

$1,199 per month

The Basic Package is designed to provide you with a cost-effective option for content creation and publication. This package includes one article in a third-party media house, along with a backlink to your website ad a story about your brand. Our professional writers will draft a high-quality content tailored to your goals and target audience.

The article will be published in a reputable media house, driving traffic to your website through the included backlink. Additionally, a compelling story about your brand will be incorporated, creating a personal connection with the readers.

The Good Package provides you with the exclusive opportunity to have not just one, but three articles written and published about you. This trifecta of articles ensures that your personal brand receives substantial coverage and exposure across various platforms. 

By having multiple articles dedicated to showcasing your expertise, achievements, and unique qualities, you can establish a strong online presence and position yourself as an influential figure in your industry. With three articles in your arsenal, you’ll have a powerful advantage in fast-tracking your personal brand to new heights.

The Best Package is designed to provide you with unparalleled visibility and reach. With this package, you not only receive four professionally written and published articles about you, but you also get the added benefit of having one of your existing blog articles republished on over 300 news sites across the United States. This means that your content will be accessible to thousands of new leads, giving you a direct line to a broader audience. 

This package allows you to tap into new audiences and gain exposure to readers who may not have discovered your website. But this is about to change!

Monthly Progression

One published article per month on a third-party publishing agency.

Continue with monthly published articles and increase exposure by securing a guest spot on a relevant podcast.

Monthly Progression

Three published articles per month on varied third-party publishing agencies.

Continue with monthly published articles and increase exposure by securing a guest spot on a relevant podcast.

Continue with monthly published articles, plus syndication of one existing blog to increase exposure across various news sites.

Monthly Progression

Four published articles per month on varied third-party publishing agencies, plus one existing blog syndicated across various news sites.

Continue with monthly published articles and syndication, plus increase exposure by securing a guest spot on a relevant podcast.

Explore additional opportunities for exposure (e.g., speaking engagements, collaborations).


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You will receive all content for approval, subject to changes made by the publishing house. We will have quarterly reviews and planning calls. Sit back and watch your audience and engagement flourish!